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  1. 旧设备过时:随着技术的不断进步,新的手机和平板电脑会更加先进、功能更强大,使得旧设备变得过时且不再有用。
  2. 设备损坏:设备损坏是人们丢弃手机和平板电脑的另一个常见原因。例如,屏幕破裂、电池寿命过短、硬件故障等。
  3. 欲升级更高规格:一些人会因为想要升级到更高规格的新设备而丢弃他们的旧设备。


  1. 延长设备的使用寿命:人们可以采取一些措施来延长设备的使用寿命,例如保护设备屏幕,定期清理设备内存,避免过度充电等。
  2. 回收和循环利用设备:人们可以将旧设备回收并重新利用,这有助于减少浪费和减少对自然资源的需求。回收渠道可以是苹果授权的回收渠道或其他回收点,这些地方可以让您回收旧设备。
  3. 购买二手设备:人们可以购买二手设备来替代新设备,这可以减少对自然资源的需求,同时也可以节省金钱。


Why Do People Throw Away their Cell Phones?

Typically, reasons why people might discard their Apple iPhones and iPads include:

  1. Obsolescence: As technology continually advances, new phones and tablets become more advanced and powerful, rendering older devices obsolete and no longer useful.
  2. Device damage: Device damage is another common reason why people dispose of their phones and tablets, such as cracked screens, short battery life, hardware malfunctions, and so on.
  3. Desire for an upgrade: Some people may want to upgrade to a newer device with higher specifications, leading them to dispose of their older device.

To address this issue, here are some suggestions:

  1. Extend the device lifespan: People can take measures to extend the lifespan of their devices, such as protecting the device screen, regularly cleaning the device memory, avoiding overcharging, and so on.
  2. Recycle and reuse devices: People can recycle their old devices and reuse them, which helps to reduce waste and demand for natural resources. Recycling channels can be Apple-authorized channels or other recycling points where you can recycle your old device.
  3. Purchase second-hand devices: People can purchase second-hand devices to replace new devices, which can reduce demand for natural resources and save money.

In conclusion, reducing consumption of natural resources is crucial, and therefore, we should strive to extend the lifespan of devices, recycle and reuse devices, and prioritize purchasing second-hand devices.

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